remember your dreams

the problem

95% of dreams are forgotten if not recorded shortly after waking up

is an innovative alarm clock that helps you record and remember your dreams

how it works

Wake up

Escalating alarms gradually transition you through your hypnopompic state from sleeping to waking


Type, speak or answer questions to record your dream the moment you wake up


Over time, patterns emerge. The longer you use the app, the more accurate and rewarding the experience becomes

The Founders

Jason Leo Carvalho

Marketing and

Hunter Lee Soik

Executive and

Raffael Stüken

Creative and

PH.D.'s and Scientists PH.D.'s and Scientists Advisors and Experts

PH.D.'s and Scientists

Deirdre Barrett Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School
Behavioral Medicine Program

Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D.

Dream Researcher and
Visiting Scholar at the Graduate
Theological Union

Rubin Naiman Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of medicine
University of Arizona’s
Center for Integrative Medicine

Hugo Liu Ph.D.

Taste researcher and
Chief Scientist of

Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D.

Chancellor of Pacifica
Graduate Institute

Advisors and Experts

Ryan Hurd Ma

Dream Researcher
and Author

Stephan Fabregas

Former Product Manager
and Research Scientist
at Zeo

Jordan Brown

Director, Visioneering
at XPrize

Anne Hill D.Min

Founder of
Dream Talk Radio

Kelly Sullivan Walden

Certified clinical hypnotherapist
Founder of The D-Spot

Scott Sparrow Ed.D, LPC, LMFT

Associate Professor at the University
of Texas-Pan American

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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – John Lennon


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